Lefratis Marketing Strategy

LEFRATIS has all the necessary expertise and experience for marketing in the French Speaking African Countries and has dedicated competent personnel to handle the promotion and marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products along with:

  1. 1.Market Survey
  2. 2.Packaging & Designing
  3. 3.Promotional Material design & development
  4. 4.Marketing & Budget Plan
  5. 5.Product launch along with execution and monitoring of sales.

We provide pharmaceutical companies with recommendations and suggestions based on the market dynamics in the French Speaking African Countries. Marketing and Promotional campaigns are designed and managed as per the client's needs and are based on the specific requirements of different markets and the product portfolio.

As market analysis and data collection are essential to survey the competitors, to establish the pricing policy, to build up a potential market size and to consolidate a general product strategy, we possess a team of experienced and talented professionals having immense expertise in pharmaceutical industry, new business development, business strategy, market analysis, regulatory affairs, promotion & marketing to achieve sales. In conjunction with this, we conduct various training sessions and workshops on regular basis for our professionals, so that they are kept updated to deal with the dynamic needs of the market.

Our sales team is in constant contact with clients in the various markets to avoid stock out situations and ensure the transfer of necessary information including the early identification of risks and opportunities in the market.